All About Surfing

Welcome to my site! This is Anouk Govil and I am currently in my senior year in college. During one of my trips to Ventura County, I got to try out surfing and I loved it! Now I make it a point to head out to Ventura whenever my schedule permits to practice what I’ve learned about surfing.

When I’m not out in the water catching waves, I find myself thinking about surfing almost every day. What can I say? I’m totally hooked! So I figured, why not put up a website dedicated to surfing? To be more specific, I can talk about my experiences surfing in the waters of Ventura. I guess you could say that this site is my way of getting connected with my passion for surfing even while I am slaving away in school.

If you find grammar errors in my writing, please excuse them. As you can probably read, I’m not a professional writer, and my undergraduate studies are nowhere near the writing courses (I’m taking up Economics). However, despite the writing limitations, I think this site can help me connect with other surfing enthusiasts.

Since I am new to this whole running-a-website thing, I figured that I should keep it simple for the time being. Once I’ve gotten a better hold of it, and I have more inputs from my readers, I might try to expand it. For the time being, I’ve only included four other pages apart from my landing page. These are my About, News, Blog, and Ventura pages.

The News page will cover surfing news and events, professional athletes, and other related topics you might find interesting. The Blog page on the other hand, will cover a myriad of topics, including surfing of course. But on top of that, I might also talk about other things intrigue me like wakeboarding and paddle boarding. This page is also open for contributions so get your articles ready!

Last but not the least, on the Ventura page I’ll be showcasing different surfing spots in the county plus a few trivia about this amazing place.

Apart from surfing-related topics, you may also find posts here about other water sports from time to time. I’ve never really been an outdoors kind of girl but when I tried surfing, I discovered that there’s an adventurous side of me that’s been wanting to get out!

This site is still in its initial stages so please bear with me. I will be posting news and articles in the coming days so make sure to come back!