Anouk Govil Surfing Blog: The Top Three Surfing Beaches in La Jolla

Anouk Govil has been surfing for only a few years; however, she has decided that it was the perfect passion for her. After taking surfing lessons during a visit to Ventura County, she has made it a point to look for the best surfing beaches up and down the Pacific coast. So far, she has visited Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Malibu, and La Jolla. Anouk Govil believes that each beach has its own charm and poses a different set of challenges to surfers.

The community of La Jolla is known as “San Diego’s Jewel by the Sea”. While it lies within San Diego city limits, it has kept its condition intact. The rugged coastline is home to numerous beaches, coves, rocks, and a fantastic variety of marine and beach life. However, Anouk Govil thinks that La Jolla is an underrated surfing destination – and would like it to stay that way. Here are three of the best beaches within La Jolla.

Wipeout Beach. Anouk Govil recommends this beach for surfers who could use a bit of solitude. Because of its secluded location, you could come across a sea lion or two while preparing your board. If you’re looking for a good wave even during low tides, Wipeout Beach offers unpredictable surf that could be challenging to even the most experienced surfers.

Windansea Beach. Located just south of downtown La Jolla, Anouk Govil considers Windansea Beach one of the toughest surfing areas she has ever encountered. The quality of the waves is influenced by the tides and the reefs that lie off the coast. The Windansea Surf Shack, a well-known establishment in the area, offers a wealth of information to interested surfers.

Black’s Beach. While going to Black’s Beach involves a bit of a hike through mud and stones, Anouk Govil believes that the views of the coast and the surf itself are worth the long trek. First discovered in the 60s, the waves at Black’s Beach are powered by an offshore trench and can reach up to six feet high.