Anouk Govil Surfing Blog: Three Surfboard Care Tips You Should Practice

Anouk Govil is a relative newcomer to the surfing scene, having discovered the sport during a trip to Ventura County in her college years. However, she fell in love with surfing so much that she has decided to help others who would like to try it by writing about different surf topics. These include fitness, great surfing spots, and the art of surfboard care and maintenance. Anouk Govil wishes to learn more about the sport and to spread what she has learned to others.

Let’s face it – surfing is a rather expensive sport. The board alone will cost you a lot, and even if they look sturdy in the water, they can be easily scratched and damaged on dry land. Thus, Anouk Govil wants to share some equipment maintenance tips for surfboarders:

Keep it in the bag. It doesn’t take much to damage a surfboard. A water bottle rolling around in the trunk, for example, can deal more damage than a large wave. Anouk Govil suggests getting a protective surfboard bag to keep it from being bumped or scratched while in storage.

Store it safely Anouk Govil has seen too many perfectly good surfboards damaged because of careless storage. While many surfers lean their boards against the wall, a strong gust of wind could tip them over on to the concrete. She suggests getting a set of wall-mounted board racks for secure storage. If you can’t get racks right away, look for a corner where the board would be protected from sudden gusts.

Rinse and Repair. While most surfboards are made of foam and fiberglass, salt water can still have a corrosive effect on the material. Anouk Govil always rinses her board after a session. She also inspects the board for scratches and dings and repairs them right away an epoxy repair kit that she keeps handy in her trunk.

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