Anouk Govil Surfing Blog: The Top Three Surfing Beaches in La Jolla

Anouk Govil has been surfing for only a few years; however, she has decided that it was the perfect passion for her. After taking surfing lessons during a visit to Ventura County, she has made it a point to look for the best surfing beaches up and down the Pacific coast. So far, she has visited Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Malibu, and La Jolla. Anouk Govil believes that each beach has its own charm and poses a different set of challenges to surfers.

The community of La Jolla is known as “San Diego’s Jewel by the Sea”. While it lies within San Diego city limits, it has kept its condition intact. The rugged coastline is home to numerous beaches, coves, rocks, and a fantastic variety of marine and beach life. However, Anouk Govil thinks that La Jolla is an underrated surfing destination – and would like it to stay that way. Here are three of the best beaches within La Jolla.

Wipeout Beach. Anouk Govil recommends this beach for surfers who could use a bit of solitude. Because of its secluded location, you could come across a sea lion or two while preparing your board. If you’re looking for a good wave even during low tides, Wipeout Beach offers unpredictable surf that could be challenging to even the most experienced surfers.

Windansea Beach. Located just south of downtown La Jolla, Anouk Govil considers Windansea Beach one of the toughest surfing areas she has ever encountered. The quality of the waves is influenced by the tides and the reefs that lie off the coast. The Windansea Surf Shack, a well-known establishment in the area, offers a wealth of information to interested surfers.

Black’s Beach. While going to Black’s Beach involves a bit of a hike through mud and stones, Anouk Govil believes that the views of the coast and the surf itself are worth the long trek. First discovered in the 60s, the waves at Black’s Beach are powered by an offshore trench and can reach up to six feet high.


Anouk Govil Surfing Blog: Three Surfboard Care Tips You Should Practice

Anouk Govil is a relative newcomer to the surfing scene, having discovered the sport during a trip to Ventura County in her college years. However, she fell in love with surfing so much that she has decided to help others who would like to try it by writing about different surf topics. These include fitness, great surfing spots, and the art of surfboard care and maintenance. Anouk Govil wishes to learn more about the sport and to spread what she has learned to others.

Let’s face it – surfing is a rather expensive sport. The board alone will cost you a lot, and even if they look sturdy in the water, they can be easily scratched and damaged on dry land. Thus, Anouk Govil wants to share some equipment maintenance tips for surfboarders:

Keep it in the bag. It doesn’t take much to damage a surfboard. A water bottle rolling around in the trunk, for example, can deal more damage than a large wave. Anouk Govil suggests getting a protective surfboard bag to keep it from being bumped or scratched while in storage.

Store it safely Anouk Govil has seen too many perfectly good surfboards damaged because of careless storage. While many surfers lean their boards against the wall, a strong gust of wind could tip them over on to the concrete. She suggests getting a set of wall-mounted board racks for secure storage. If you can’t get racks right away, look for a corner where the board would be protected from sudden gusts.

Rinse and Repair. While most surfboards are made of foam and fiberglass, salt water can still have a corrosive effect on the material. Anouk Govil always rinses her board after a session. She also inspects the board for scratches and dings and repairs them right away an epoxy repair kit that she keeps handy in her trunk.

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Hi, all! Anouk Govil here! I see you’ve managed to reach my Blog page. Here I will talk about my newfound love for surfing, from my favorite surfer Bethany Hamilton to surfing events I have attended as a spectator (I’m hoping to join one of these in the near future). From time to time, I may also share about things that interest me. Oh, and since I am currently a college student, I may also share with you my experiences on campus.

Bethany Hamilton, My Surfing Hero

Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer who has competed in—and dominated—numerous surfing competitions. Her surfing career started in 1998 when she joined the Rell Sun Menehue competition, besting other competitors to emerge the champion.

In 2002, she once again dominated the waves and landed first place at the Open Women’s Division of the NSSA.

Honestly, I didn’t know about her until after I saw the movie, “Soul Surfer,” which was based on her autobiography, “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board.” Her story moved me to tears. Here was this young girl, facing the biggest challenge of her life, and yet fighting on in pursuit of her dreams. She is an inspiration to me, and I can only imagine, to many as well.

At the young age of 13, Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while she was on her board in the waters of Tunnels Beach. She lost her left arm in the attack, and with it, her hopes of becoming a professional surfer.

But with the help of her family, friends, and the community, she overcame her fears and relentlessly pursued her passion. Suffice to say, she is a champion to many not only on the waves but when it comes to life in general.

Her positive outlook, her faith, and her advocacy to inspire others through her personal journey are what I admire most about her. I mean, here is this girl beating all the odds to continue living the life that she’s always dreamed of. If she can do it, I’ve got no excuse not to live the life I’ve always wanted, don’t you agree?

What about you? Do you have a personal hero? Please do share! I would love to hear all about them!

I welcome contributions for this page so if you’ve got a post you want to publish here, please feel free to let me know. I look forward to reading your thoughts!