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Courtney Conlogue Dominates Round 1 of Fiji Women’s Pro

American surfer Courtney Conlogue dominated her heat (Heat 4) in Round 1 of the Fiji Women’s Pro surfing competition, besting two other contenders, Bronte Macaulay from Australia, and Coco Ho from Hawaii.

With a heat score of 16.27, Conlogue sent Macaulay and Ho to Round 2 of the eliminations.

Meanwhile, Heat 3 of Round 1 was dominated by Australia’s Nikki Van Dijk, beating crowd favorite and event wildcard Bethany Hamilton, and fellow Australian Tyler Wright.

Finally, reigning WSL champion, Carissa Moore once again proved her mettle when she landed a heat score of 15.90 in Heat 5, advancing her straight to Round 3.

*I will be giving you updates on the Fiji Pro competition as they come so make sure to check back again soon.

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