Anouk Govil on Surfing for Beginners: Surfboard Buying Tips

Hello, friends! It’s Anouk Govil once again. As many of you know, I’ve recently taken up surfing and I am enjoying every minute of it! Before I started learning how to surf, I thought all boards were the same. At the time, I thought choosing one simply involved checking the design and weight. The colors and graphic design is, of course, for aesthetic purposes only. The weight mattered to me because I have a small frame and I didn’t want to lug around a board that would strain my arms and back. In other words, I was after comfort and appeal. Little did I know that your choice of board can pretty much affect your first surfing experience. But now that I know better, I’d like to share with you a few tips when choosing a beginner’s surfboard.


Size and fit matters more than anything else. Aesthetics are just a bonus; it’s the size and fit that matters, especially for beginners. I read somewhere that you should choose a used surfboard as it’s going to get a lot of pounding and abuse. I completely agree. You wouldn’t want to blow your money on a new and expensive board if you know you’re just going to abuse it. A board that’s about nine feet long and about three inches or more in width should be a good one to start with. You will find that boards of this size are also wider, giving you a more comfortable fit. One of the reasons why you need a board of this size when you’re a beginner is because it is easier to paddle and pop-up onto once you’re on the wave.

Choose a foamie, or a soft board. When you’re still learning how to surf, you should expect to wipe out a lot, and there are times when you will hit the board. This type of surfboard is more buoyant, and made with a softer outer material, so it won’t hurt so much when you do hit it or fall flat on top of it. There are several brands that you can check out, but my top of mind is the Wavestorm. It has an EPS core and a 3-stringer system with an HDPE bottom skin. If you can’t find a used Wavestorm board, a new one will set you back by about $180. Not bad, actually, for a brand new foamie.

For newbies, the bigger the board, the better; because they’re easier to paddle, allowing you to paddle faster, and you can quickly pop-up to ride a wave as there’s a comfortable buffer space for quick pop-ups without falling off the board.

Are you a newbie surfer? What board are you using, and is it the same one that you’ve been using since you started? Please share your beginner’s experiences with us! If you have tips or tricks you’d like to share, those are welcome too! We’d love to hear all about it!

Thanks for dropping by! This is Anouk Govil; and I hope to see you back again soon!