Surfing in Ventura

Ventura County boasts of a few remarkable surfing spots in the State, and if you happen to visit during winter, you might catch a few swells that will challenge your expertise on the waves. By the way, this is Anouk Govil, and I am here to share with you some of my personal experiences visiting Ventura County.

Before I get started, a word of advice: Locals are quite territorial when it comes to their surfing beaches so take your time getting to know them first. If you’re lucky, they might eventually share with you their favorite surfing spots in the neighborhood.

When I visited Ventura, I was lucky enough to be invited by a local so I guess you could say that I already had one foot in the door. After my friend introduced me to her family and a few of her friends, it became easier for me to talk to them. Her friends were actually the ones who encouraged me to try surfing (they couldn’t believe I’ve never tried it before). So off to the beach we went.

My friend and I visited during winter break, and the swells went from mild to professional level (in my opinion, that is) in a matter of minutes. When I got my board rental, I immediately headed off to the water but I was instantly stopped! I thought to myself, “How hard could it be? Get on the board, balance yourself and you’re pretty much set.” Well, I couldn’t be more wrong!

I was taught how to balance using my legs and my arms on the sand. We also had to do a few stretching exercises first so I won’t pull any muscles during my training. That first day, I wasn’t allowed to go in the water. But on the second day, and once my newfound friends deemed me ready to catch a wave, they slowly guided me. When I paddled out, I felt a kind of adrenalin rush I’ve never felt before!

And in case you’re wondering how I did on my first attempts, it was a disaster! No sooner had I stood up to balance myself, down the water I went! But I kept doing it and doing it until I managed to stay on my board without once falling off, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had on beach waters!

I’m planning to go back with my friend this summer to practice my newly discovered surfing skills so watch out for my updates. Check out Anouk Govil blog sites.